Monday, April 16, 2012

Big News: Stratasys to merge with Objet

The two major players in 3D printing industry have announced that they are going to merge to form a leading 3D printing company. Stock price of Stratasys immediately shoots up 22% in NASDAQ stock exchange. This newly formed company will become a major 3D printer producer which produces industry-grade 3D printer with 3 core technologies: FDM, Solidscape  and Polyjet.

Now the industry is left with only two major companies Stratasys and 3D System who own almost all major 3D printing technologies which have been developed for a few decades now. The announcement has yet been clarified whether the new Stratasys will enter consumer market which is now dominated by Reprap-based 3d printer like those of Makerbot. Despite that, the 3d printing industry will see a new dynamic when those two major players compete head-on.

Via Objet's Press Release

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